"Las Vegas' premier Faux Mural Painting and Trompe l'oeil Specialist"
Professional Artist, Chod Stine "The Faux Mural Pro"

Las Vegas Nevada Faux Mural Pros are full service faux mural painting and trompe l'oeil specialists. "Las Vegas' premier Faux Mural Pro" Professional Artist, Chod Stine and his team of Faux Mural Painters specialize in a wide range of decorative custom faux painting, rendistic murals and realistic trompe L'oeil to suit any budget or project.
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Las Vegas Faux Mural Pro, Chod Stine

Chod Stine and son Che Stine's combined 60 years of artistic experience with faux paint and mural art work grants them a unique and highly qualified position in the world of Las Vegas fine art and faux mural finishing. As "Las Vegas' premier Faux Mural Pros," they work intimately with their clients on a broad spectrum of artistic faux finishes, mural renditions, and optical illusory trompe L'oeil. Whether you're looking for a reproduction of mosaic images of the Sistine Chapel or an illustrated children themed faux mural work, they can confidently provide this.

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These highly professional artists use a wide range of mediums for all faux, mural, and trompe L'oeil projects. They commonly use oils, latex, tempera, glazes, water, pigments and metallic dust, to create the most life like, fake, and imitation natural stones, marbles, precious metals, aged wood, and Victorian style finishes possible.

Most if not all surfaces can be transformed to accommodate the multidimensional aspects associated with realistic faux muraling and trompe l'oeil. All surfaces, textured or smooth, concrete or plaster can be made to absorb topographical applications creating unique finishes. Some times certain wall textures will innately create original faux finishes on their own. Smooth surfaces can be transformed into textured and vice verse.

In 1990 Chod Stine's Faux Mural Pros were commissioned to recreate a scale model of the hand of the Statue of Liberty for Universal Studios. A faux technique called antiquing was used to create the realistic look of aged copper. Chod Stine's Faux Mural Pros also headed the mural project depicted in the Alfred Hitchcock theme ride. In 2009 Chod Stine's Faux Mural Pros received the Historical Preservation award for their residential exterior faux painting.

Out of state projects? No problem. Just give the Faux Mural Pros a call and they can arrange over the phone pricing and projected bidding. Faux Mural Pros can also stream line production time using a pre-faux finished wall paper technique to expedite your out of state projects. Our customers range from Florida to the west coast of California.

If you've ever had the chance to visit the hotels and casinos scattered over Las Vegas you may have been inspired many times over with the masterful recreations of megalithic marble statues, faux creations unlike any thing you've imagined, and super realistic trompe l'oeil depicting majestic fields of orchards and floral beauty. Due to the extravagant cost of real marble and gold metallic finishes, establishments opt for the next best thing, less expensive fine faux muraling, and highly technical trompe l'oeil illusory designed art to give the observer every opportunity to question its authenticity.

Chod Stine's Faux Mural Pros do exactly this. They encourage their clients to be as creative, elaborate, and detailed as possible with their projects. If you live in the Las Vegas area, we recommend you visit the hotels and casinos to witness the elaborate faux tapestries and wondrous trompe l'oeil cheap omega replica art works. If you see something you like amongst these walls or ceilings we would be happy to recreate it to your liking.

We wish you the best of luck in your artistic endeavors and trust that when you are ready to get started, you will consider
Chod Stine's Faux Mural Pros

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To contact Chod Stine's Faux Mural Pros call 702 715 7833 or 305 619 0333 or Email chodstine@gmail.com

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